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Electrify California

(California's Mobile Electric Car Charging Fleet)



California Leads the World in Electric Car Technology and Sales.

California's goal is to have 5 million Electric Cars on the road.

Mobile Charging Technology is necessary to reach this goal.

With Electrify California's Mobile Charging Fleet

All Electric Cars in California will have:


Mobile Charging encourages everyone in California to own electric cars

and helps California

"Stop Car Pollution"



Electrify California's Graphene Partners. Graphene of America and Global Graphene Group are working on Graphene Enhanced Super Capacitors as a practical solution for Hyper Fast Electric Car Charging.

MIT has already tested the ability of Super Capacitors to charge up to 100 times faster than batteries and Electrify California looks forward to applying this innovative Charging Technology.

Electrify California's Custom Charging Vehicles are designed with Massive Battery Capacity and extended range capabilities allowing them to cruise and charge cars in California day and night.

Electrify California's fleet of Charging Vehicles also incorporates an expandable solar panel assembly to keep their batteries fully charged and when needed, can replace their Modular Battery Pack to always remain fully charged; without having to rely on the Electric Grid.

Our DC Super Fast Charging Technology and Universal Connectors are compatible with All Electric Cars and can have Any Electric Car, including Tesla's, charged and back on the road in just minutes.

California Electric Car Owners now have a practical solution to Range Anxiety and can drive their cars where and when they want in California and never worry about being stranded again.


Electrify California Mobile Charging

Electrify California's Fleet of Charging Vehicles are built in California and are AWD to provide extra traction for charging anywhere in California, even in sand, snow, rain or mud.

We go where you need us!


We invite you to join us to

"Stop Car Pollution"

Join Us Now




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